We have 30 years worth of great reviews! Please peruse our archives…

The newsprint articles were scanned in at a high-quality resolution, but some people still find it hard to read. We will be typing up the text of these articles for your reading pleasure.

6 Responses to Reviews

  1. martha says:

    Do you have a set menu for mother’s day?
    Thank you,

  2. Michael T Mc Carthy says:

    can I make a reservation for this sat night for dinner for 4? anytime between 5:30 and 6:30

    • Hello Michael, my apologies for not replying sooner, as our website states we can only accept reservations by phone, as we do not have computer access at the restaurant, Many thanks, Eugenia

  3. Jena says:

    I am super excited to come visit your restaurant hopefully this weekend with my fiance. i’ve heard such great things and have gotten a gift certificate for my birthday. see you soon!

  4. Just had a friend ask me what restaurant I used to work at in Windsor – thirty years ago. Was thrilled to see you are still going strong Lino, and that you still have that review mentioning me in my first day on the job from so many years ago. Working for you is an experience I have never forgotten and lessons in cooking I still recall.

  5. Michael Smith says:

    I had the great opportunity to visit your establishment last week while entertaining an associate / friend for their wedding anniversary. Lino spent a great deal of time personally talking with us and making sure we went away happy. The meal was delicious, meat tender and properly cooked. The Spaghetti Matriciana was to die for.

    Lino thank you for the BEST Dinning experience I have ever had!

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